2018 Gig List

Rhythm and Blues / Blues Gigs in Blue

Jazz Gigs in Red

Other Genres in Yellow

12th January

The Untouchables (More Info)

26th January

The Christian Brewer Quartet (More Info)

9th February

Katie Bradley and the Chris Corcoran Trio (More Info)

23rd February

The Rob Barron Quartet (More Info)

16th March

Stevie Smith's Sin House. (More Info)

30th March

The Clark Tracey Quintet (More Info)

13th April

The Blues Chapter (More Info)

27th April

The Matt Wates Quintet (More Info)

11th May

Split Whiskers (More Info)

25th May

The Ted Beament Quartet (More Info)

1st June

Gig to be confirmed (More Info)

8th June

Private Letting - No Blues Gig (More Info)

29th June

Jim Mullen Organ Trio (More Info)

13th July

Spikedrivers (More Info)

27th July

Allison Neale's West Coast Quartet (More Info)

17th August

Dave Ferra All Stars (More Info)

31st August

Jo Harrop sings Peggy Lee with special guest Tony Kofi (More Info)

14th September

Fobo Jug Band (More Info)

28th September

Clive Fenner Quintet (More Info)

12th October

Sister Suzie (More Info)

26th October

James Scannell Quartet (More Info)

16th November

Cadillac Kings (More Info)

30th November

Marigolds All Stars with Enrico Tommaso (More Info)

14th December

The Eric Ranzoni Trio (More Info)

28th December

Alan Barnes Quartet (More Info)

2019 Gig List

11th January

Jimmy C and the Bluesdragons (More Info)

25th January

Atila (More Info)

8th February

Gentleman Tim and the Contenders (More Info)

22nd February

Art Theman and the Henry Lowther Quintet (More Info)

15th March

Doc K Blues Band (More Info)

29th March

Derek Nash Quartet (More Info)

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